The Road to Purgatory

Archive material.

Do wars really end?

The road to Purgatory was paved in 1998, the year the Good Friday Agreement sought to bring an end to three decades of conflict in Northern Ireland. However, the political institutions that were subsequently established were built on the idea of forgetting, instead of resolving.

Voices were lost. Truths never emerged.

These photographs trace the origins of Northern Ireland’s political Purgatory back to the peace agreement of 1998 through the use of archive material. Details of the local Parliament buildings taken with film rolls that expired in 1998 sit uncomfortably alongside personal family archives depicting intimate moments of every-day life during this period of political upheaval.

Stone juxtaposes flesh, highlighting the gulf that persists between legal and lived realities.

Installation Views:
The Royal Academy of Art The Hague, 2020; slides 7-11
Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam, 2021; slides 12 & 13